Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SME video storage and streaming from the Cloud

A financial investment company is launching new investment products to its agents and affiliates. A number of videos have been created to teach the company’s agents and affiliates about the benefits and features of the new products. The videos are very large and need to be available on-demand, so storing them in the cloud lessens the demands on the corporate infrastructure. However, access to those videos needs to be tightly controlled. For competitive reasons, only certi ed company agents should be able to view the videos. An even stronger constraint is that regulations require the company to keep product details, including the videos, confidential during the quiet period before the launch of the product. The company’s decision is to use a public cloud storage provider to scale the secure hosting and streaming of the videos. The cloud solution must control the videos with an auditable access control mechanism that enforces the company’s security policies.

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