Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SME setting up its own Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem

This SME is a small start-up but is envisioning to be number 1 in its market, globally. It will need cloud service to do so, and as per different technical, business, risk mitigation and risk reasons it is working on architecting a hybrid ecosystem where several major as well as niche CSPs will be involved. However, all CSPs define their definitions and legal terms differently which makes it hard to create a clear landscape of what rights and obligation the SME has towards the respective CSP, and what rights and obligations it can arrange for with its own customers and end-users. Analysing legal documentation from A to Z concerning cloud services such as SLAs is quite cumbersome and time and resources consuming, CSPs even use different quantitative attributes, metrics, measurements and remedies. The SME feels that some CSPs prefer to keep their applicable documentation less transparent than their customers wish for, and the CSPs would be able to. Getting to the bottom of Master Service Agreements, SLAs and other contractual arrangements is time-consuming, and a SME, especially a start-up does not have those resources. It will either lead in delay in its business plans, or making the wrong decisions which will be very costly in a later phase.

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