Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SME migrating to IAAS with several duration periods in the Agreement

This SME is migrating its infrastructure to IaaS of a major CSP. Being a software company itself does not necessarily mean to have the necessary knowledge for migrating to the SaaS. And, to start with, in order to provide a good proposal and business model based on subscription fees this SME needs to know what kind of different duration period are applicable, and what the financial, technical and operational consequences are. In this case for example (i) the MSA is for an indefinite period and the start is at the day of signing, this is the first duration period (ii) the MSA is effective at the moment of signing, but only after implementation of the SaaS in general and then the deployment of a customer a user will be able to access to SaaS, on which date the one-year subscription starts between the SME and its customer. This is the second duration period. Thirdly (iii), the subscription is based on the actual use of content, which means that the duration of use is shorter than the duration of the right to access. Two more for this use case, is (iv) the data retention period during with the CSP is required by law to retain certain data, and (v) the duration the SME and its customers are entitled to extract and export data.

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