Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Small Public Administration using Governmental Cloud

In 2013, the Government of Estonia took the  rst steps to deploy a Governmental Cloud with three main principles guiding its development:

» Using Cloud solutions located within Estonia’s national borders,

» Using international private Cloud resources, and

» Using Data Embassies (cloud storage).

The Estonian government has built the foundation of a highly developed information society, and its ICT development has taken Estonia to a stage where many registers and services only exist in digital form. This development requires a fleexible and secure Governmental Cloud solution. Su client flexibility has to be planned in advance. The State Infocommunication Foundation leads the Governmental Cloud development, which is responsible for the consolidation of server resources and provision of high- quality server hosting services within Estonia’s national borders. The Estonian Public Administration (PA) is the main cloud customer of the national Governmental Cloud. In some cases, PAs are provisioned with IaaS resources (e.g. virtual machines), but also PAs provision Governmental cloud-based services to citizens. The Governmental Cloud system does not store personal identifiable data.

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