Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Payroll processing in the Cloud

The organisation decided to see how practical it would be to run the payroll process in the cloud. The existing payroll system was architected as a distributed application, so moving it to the cloud was relatively straightforward. The payroll application used an SQL database for processing employee data. Instead of rewriting the application to use a cloud database service, a VM with a database server was deployed. The database server retrieved data from a cloud storage system and constructed relational tables from it. Because of the size of the original (in-house) database, extraction tools were used to select only the information necessary for payroll processing. That extracted information was transferred to a cloud storage service and then used by the database server. The payroll application was deployed to four VMs that run simultaneously; those four VMs work with the VM hosting the database server. The configuration of the payroll application was changed to use the VM hosting the database server; otherwise the application was not changed.

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