Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

CSP Specifying Carve-Outs in its Cloud Service Terms

As there is so much to think about while choosing, selecting and procuring cloud services, and the SME is aware that carve-outs are part of the cloud SLA where the CSP further limits or excludes its responsibility and liability, it is not always the highest priority to assess, understand, discuss and negotiate these with the CSP. When an incident happens the CSP has defined the carve-out ‘force majeure’ very broad, in a way that all influences of third parties are excluded, even of those the CSP procures to be able to provide the cloud services. In such a case, if an incident happens, the SME usually expects that it would be within the control of the CSP, but is often unable to claim any resource. The CSP merely referred to the general carve-out in the applicable SLA.

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