Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

CSP providing Data Portability Vendor Lock-In of SAAS CRM Applications

A European SME who has formally used CRM SaaS to keep track of its customer relationship management and sales cycle would like to switch certain part of its data to another account in the same CRM SaaS, and – when that did not work out – to switch that data to another CSP. This in turn requires the ability to migrate data between different environments or providers. However, the former CRM SaaS did not specify anything on data portability, data format, what data would exactly be possible to migrate, and what not, or whether metadata would be part of that. The SME settled for getting part of its data out in a structured, workable way, where the remainder of its data cannot be extracted or otherwise exported in a suitable way so basically lost the latter data and related analytics.

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