Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

CSP migrating Data between Different Jurisdictions

Since both within the European Union and outside the EU each country has different laws and regulations regarding personal data protection, the data location where the SME is active is relevant as well as the data location of the server of the CSP. In this case it concerns an SME active in a dozen countries and wishes to migrate to cloud services its HR data which concerns almost 100% personal data. In some jurisdictions, such HR data is even especially arranged in the law. If an entity of a SME is based in Russia and the headquarter is within the European Union, then it is not allowed by local law to store personal data, including HR data outside of Russia. The server of the CSP should be based in Russia, and in some cases the CSP will cooperate with a local data centre where a back-up copy will be stored on a data location in the European Union. This is not only relevant in Russia, as the same applies for Germany, for example. This SME segmented the data in advance, and together with its legal counsel architected where what data is to be stored, what back-up mechanisms should apply, and with success opened the dialogue with the relevant CSP.

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