Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

CSP Changing SLA at Operation Time

An SME has built its own SaaS on the PaaS infrastructure of a major CSP. The SME provides its SaaS to its customer under its own Master Service Agreement, Terms and Conditions and SLA. However, the SaaS SME did not notice that the PaaS CSP is contractually entitled right to unilaterally change the PaaS service offerings and conditions in the SLA, since the SME ticked the box while registering online without taking the time to assess the SLA and related terms. The CSP now invoked this right to lower the uptime and level of redundancy. Therefore, the SaaS cloud Services from the SME cannot meet the service level it has granted to its own customers. Migrating the application on a PaaS of another CSP would be a very time consuming and costly task. Cloud Service Provider as PaaS Provider, SME as Cloud Service Partner and SMEs customer as Cloud Service Customer.

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