Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector


New report on Standards terms and performances criteria in Cloud Service Level Agreements

A new report on Standards terms and performances criteria in Service Level Agreements for cloud computing services has been published by the European Commission. The report is based on data and analysis from the period January 2013 to June 2015 by time.lex and Spark.

Privacy Level Agreement Outline for CSPs Providing Services in the European Union
SLA-Ready partner the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) are inviting reviews and comments on the Privacy Level Agreement for  Europe V2 (PLA4EU v2).
Takeaways: Workshop on EU Privacy Compliance & Security
SLA-Ready was part of the workshop on EU Privacy Compliance & Security on 4 June at Info Security 2015, the largest event on IT security in Europe.
Which cloud company is next on the auction block?
Barb Darrow's latest article for Fortune looks at how lead
How to negotiate a proper SLA: your questions answered

Our 1st webinar, How to negotiate a proper SLA, collected viewers' questions on cloud service level agreements.

A smarter, more secure Internet of Things?

Speaking at the 2015 European Identity and Cloud conference in Munich, David Mount (NetIQ solutions consulting director), said that identity is the key to managing the risks of millions of devices being able to access too much information. Why? Identity is the one thing that is still under the control of the organisation and the individual. It can help balance the needs of users with the needs of risk managers.

Peterborough City Council Cloud First Strategy
A recent Computer Weekly interview with Richard Godrey, head of IT at Peterborough City Council highlights how cloud computing can help tackle key challenges facing the public sector today.  The biggest challenge is tackling huge budget pressure. The City Council is facing a budget cut of £25 million this year and around £15 million next year.
Sage and Salesforce team up to reach SME market in UK & US

In between the speculation about a possible takeover Salesforce has been carrying on with enhancing its position and has formed a partnership with Sage to get to a larger number of SMEs.

The cloud-based CRM software has been seen as being ubiquitous in large enterprises but not always associated as strongly with smaller customers.

ENISA - Cloud Security Guide for SMEs
Cloud computing security risks and opportunities for SMEs
Comparative study on cloud computing contracts

This study provides an overview over legislation, case law and administrative guidelines applicable to cloud computing contracts. It explains how the existing specific and/or general legal principles apply to certain key contractual issues. The study is carried out in three work packages.

Why the UK's G-Cloud Programme is a model for Europe
The G-Cloud, which launched in 2012, essentially provides an online Digital Marketplace where public organisations can find different services offered by a large amount of suppliers that are part of the G-Cloud Framework Agreement.
SLA-Ready - Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

2015: I am the CTO of a European SME. Using cloud services could be the answer to the rising complexity of software systems but …

Jobs & Growth in ICT - How H2020 can respond to the EU Investment Plan panel discussion at Cloudscape VII

Video reportage of the full session "Jobs & Growth in ICT - How H2020 can respond to the EU Investment Plan" at Cloudscape VII, 9-10 March, Brussels.

Panel discussion speakers:

Taking on the Cloud Challenge: the panel discussion video from Cloudscape VII

How are we tackling pricing, procurement and contractual issues in both the public and private sectors? Are there common, international approaches we can take to maximise impact? What are the essential practical elements that organisations need to know?

SLA-Ready Position Paper at Cloudscape VII

The SLA-Ready position paper presented at Cloudscape VII, 9-10 March 2015, Brussels.
Complex and misleading language is one the main barriers to the wider adoption of cloud services, which typically come with “take-it-or-leave-it” contracts. SMEs find it particularly hard to understand the terminology of service level agreements (Cloud SLAs), which often shift significant risks to the customer.

Towards Common Metrics for SLAs

When considering the life cycle of cloud services, the procurement tends not to be a straightforward exercise. First, one needs to develop the technical and business requirements of the service. With requirements in hand, selecting services can only begin after comparing them in a reliable and repeatable manner.

The SLA-Ready service offer - Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Find out what user need or pain point is SLA- Ready project addressing and how SLA-Ready will benefit its end-users

Have your say on Cloud and SLAs contracts - SLALOM questionnaire

SLALOM is a CSA building on the existing standardization work in the area of cloud contracts and SLAs (The ECP, C-SIGs, ISO, etc.).

Wanted: An international standard for cloud privacy
Enterprise customers around the world want an international standard for cloud privacy.  Now there is one, and cloud providers are starting to recognize its value to their customers.
Negotiating cloud contracts – from both sides now
Key concerns impeding the mainstream adoption of the cloud and new challenges on the horizon