Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector


SLA-Ready @ CLIPS Final Conference

Silvana Muscella, CEO of Trust-IT, is opening the CLIPS Final Conference with the keynote "Making a European SMEs life easier with accessible, free online Cloud Tools", showing a set of tools developed by Horizon 2020 projects SLA-Ready and CloudWATCH2.

SecureCloud 2016 take-aways/2

We’re seeing rapid adoption of the cloud. A recent survey by Intel asked enterprises at what point in the future will their infrastructure be in the cloud. Surprisingly, the average answer was...

Common Reference Model: a survey for CSPs

The SLA-Ready Common Reference Model describes, promotes and supports the uptake of cloud service level agreements, by providing a common understanding of SLAs for cloud services. In order to validate the developed CRM from CSPs perspective, we kindly ask all the Cloud Service Providers to assess the relative importance of each CRM element by replying to this survey.

SecureCloud 2016 take-aways/1

The days when consumers paid less attention to the information collected through new services and software are ending. Consumers are now more and more aware of the data being collected and they are expressing their concerns too. This is one of the take-home messages from SecureCloud 2016 conference, held on 24-25 May in Dublin, in which SLA-Ready participated with a stand.

Calls for Action on Free Flow of Data in EU

Five calls for action on the free flow of data have emerged from the European Commission's public consultation on the European regulatory environment.

SecureCloud 2016

SecureCloud, 24-25 May 2016 in Dublin, offers an important opportunity for corporate managers, government and industry experts to discuss their concerns about security, privacy and data management in the cloud.

SLA-Ready Common Reference Model coming soon

SLA-Ready is putting the final touches to its Common Reference Model ready for publication in early June 2016.

Baacco: a cloud-first small company
05/05/2016 is a "cloud-first company" that sells and delivers bottles of wine to a growing international market.

A Sports Shop in the cloud and open to the world

For sports clothing retailer Wetsuit Outlet, cloud technology is not about reduction in cost: it is to  connect and deliver a first-class service.

Cloud service level agreements in federal agencies

Federal and private sector guidance highlights the importance of federal agencies using a service level agreement (SLA) in a contract when acquiring information technology (IT) services through a cloud service provider.

Cloud Security Alliance’s research team uncovers top 12 off-premise threats
SLA-Ready partner, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has listed 12 security concerns that CIOs need to consider when taking steps to move their IT estate off-premise. 
SLA-Ready Takeaways from DIGITAL4EU
Arthur van der Wees was among the select panellists at Digital4EU in late February 2016. 
Takeaways from Cloud FS Asia
The global conference series on Cloud for Financial Services focuses on breaking down the regulatory, security, strategic and technical barriers to cloud adoption. The last in the series was FS Cloud Asia, 23-24 February 2016 in Hong Kong. 
Verizon Customers given Two Months To Evacuate Public Cloud
The U.S. cloud provider Verizon Communications has announced that it is shutting down its public cloud service on 12 April 2016 due to tough competition from big vendors. Two services will be axed: Public Cloud and Reserved Performance Cloud services. For now, Verizon is keeping its Verizon Private Cloud (VPC) service and Verizon Cloud Storage. 
Will the next FinTech startups come from Finland?

Fintech, new solutions that demonstrate an incremental or radical or disruptive innovation development of applications, processes, products or business models in the financial services industry (FSI) has been growing at incredible rates over the last few years. 

SLA-Ready Infographic: Impact and Visibility in 2015
Take a look at our infographic: SLA-Ready Impact - Visibility at Events in 2015, an impressive list of top cloud events and international expert forums, where we have:
Given practical guidance on cloud service level agreements (SLAs) to prospective customers.
Dark Clouds: are regulations applied to the cloud stimulating innovation?

It is clear that cloud computing offers society many potential benefits. However, its take-up is still being held back by much fear, uncertainty and doubt among not just potential cloud users, but also some policy makers and regulators.

ENISA - Secure Use of Cloud Computing in the Finance Sector

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) publish new report on cloud service adoption in the financial sector. Seven key challenges stand in the way of mainstream adoption in the sector, the report reveals.

Multimedia Updates: Safe Harbor Ruling & the General Data Protection Regulation

After having been ruled invalid by the European Court of Justice (Europe's top court), the Safe Habor Agreement is now back in the spotlight as the Commission has finally issued a communication on the Trans-Atlantic data transfers destined to draft a ‘Safer’ Harbor Agreement.

Data: the left luggage of Cloud computing
Luggage contains many parallels with your data. It's enormously more valuable to you than to anyone else, particularly the provider. It can be bulky, expensive even for the provider to store waiting should you turn up asking to reclaim it. It’s unknown even if you will ever reclaim it.