Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SLA-Ready Upcoming Workshops

Small & Medium Enterprises can't always afford to hire or to buy the services of an expert who can help them with cloud services contracts and the related legal aspects. In order to change this state of play, SLA-Ready is taking legal and technical experts to SMEs at free of charge workshops all over Europe.

Before an organisation or a business signs any contract, it needs to read it and understand it, in order to be able to ask for what it needs and negotiate the terms, or at least know what to expect. The same goes for cloud Service Level Agreements.

Informative and easy-to-follow guidelines take participants through the cloud service lifecycle, from signing the contract to terminating it with special attention to cloud service level agreements. Participants will come away with insightful and practical 360° view, whether they are new to the cloud or already using it in their organisation.



Who can benefit from these workshops?

  • Cloud Customers such as SMEs and businesses, in identifying priorities in cloud SLAs and compare, define and monitor cloud services which meet their requirements;
  • Cloud Service Providers, who recognise the business value in providing standardised and transparent SLAs to their customers;
  • Cloud Service Procurers and policy makers, who are able to use SLA-Ready’s standardised SLA Common Reference Model elements to tailor their cloud procurement processes.


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