Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SLA-Ready - Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

2015: I am the CTO of a European SME. Using cloud services could be the answer to the rising complexity of software systems but …

  • I find some of the service descriptions and contractual terms complex and misleading.
  • I am not happy about typical “take-it-or-leave-it contracts”.
  • I don’t understand what the service actually offers, which makes it hard to see the real benefits and be sure I am getting the best deal possible.
  • I have some sensitive customer data and need to understand how it will be protected and where it will be stored.
  • How can be sure I my business assets are secure?

2016: SLA-Ready social marketplace and tutorials-as-a-service have given me a much clearer path to the cloud.

  • SLA-Ready has given me a better understanding of service level agreements.
  • Now I can make an informed decision on what services to use, what to expect and what to trust.
  • Being able use a standardised Cloud SLA gives me a better understanding of the level of security and data protection offered by the cloud service provider.
  • It gives me the right answers for smooth and effective cloud adoption, including security levels.
  • Our investors and stakeholders are happy because we’re able to innovate in the global marketplace through secure cloud services.