Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SLA-Ready Impact Workshop, 15 December 2016, Brussels

Before an organisation or a business signs any contract, it needs to read it and understand it, in order to be able to ask for what it needs and negotiate the terms.

The same goes for cloud Service Level Agreements (SLA), which regulate every aspect of cloud services provision. Very often, small organisations and SMEs don't have an ICT expert or can't afford a legal guide from a lawyer with ICT skills.

In order to change this state of play, SLA-Ready Impact Workshop will bring together what businesses and cloud customers need to know before signing a cloud contract.


Who & How can benefit from the workshop?

  • Cloud Customers such as SMEs and businesses, in identifying priorities in cloud SLAs and compare, define and monitor cloud services which meet their requirements
  • Cloud Service Providers, who recognise the business value in providing standardised and transparent SLAs to their customers
  • Cloud Service Procurers and policy makers, who are able to use SLA-Ready’s standardised SLA Common Reference Model elements to tailor their cloud procurement processes

If cloud computing can be bought and sold in a confident and trustworthy manner, cloud contracts which include reliable, repeatable and measurable metrics are vital. By establishing a Common Reference Model for cloud SLAs, the SLA-Ready project has been able to deliver online tools and services to both cloud service providers and cloud service customers.

When & Where?

On 15th December morning, in Brussels.

With this free of charge event, organised in collaboration with DIGITALEUROPE, you’ll need just few hours to gain the knowledge required to purchase cloud services for your activity.

Save money, time and grab the benefits cloud can bring to your activities.

Stay tuned for further details!