Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SLA-Aid Coming Soon

European SMEs are discovering the benefits of cloud computing, which is one of technologies key to realising the full benefits of the Digital Single Market and its 700 million people.

As the life blood of the European economy, small and medium businesses can reach new customers and gain efficiencies by moving to the cloud.

One of the biggest obstacles facing SMEs is the lack of time and resources that these actors can dedicate to finding the best cloud service provider for their business needs. Furthermore, various concerns about security, roles, pricing and terms are holding SMEs back.



To make life easier for small businesses, which in many cases are neither cloud nor Cloud Service Level Agreements experts, with practical advices on SLAs, SLA-Ready has developed several tools and services with their needs firmly in mind.


SLA-Ready aims to help prospective SME Cloud Service Customers (CSCs) to understand every aspect of a cloud SLA, guiding businesses through each step of the Cloud Service Lifecycle.

We will soon be launching SLA-Aid, a brand new tool for SMEs who bought, or that are going to buy, one or more cloud services. A short questionnaire will help small and medium enterprises to match their cloud business use case for the service or services of choice, helping them understand related SLAs, responsibilities and actions they need to take as cloud customers.

Common Reference Model & other services already available

The SLA-Aid draws on SLA-Ready’s Common Reference Model, a set of cloud service level agreement components that take into account real-world SLAs, standards, best practices, SME use cases, and cloud customer feedback. The idea behind the Reference Model is to describe, promote and support the uptake of cloud service level agreements based on greater standardisation and transparency.

Other important elements of the SLA-Ready Common Reference Model are four SME and government use cases chosen because they are representative of common Cloud SLAs requirements. These use cases cover different stages of the cloud service management life cycle along with different levels of knowledge. So SMEs can start using the cloud more quickly and easily – irrespective of how much they know about cloud computing services.

Finally, on SLA-Ready’s Business Hub, SMEs can find practical guides, advice and a glossary of terms useful to facilitate cloud uptake.

SME Call for Action

But it doesn’t stop here. Our tools and services will be updated and enhanced over the coming months. That’s why we need your help in tailoring these tools to your needs. All you need to do is complete this short survey. By doing so, SMEs can help us validate the CRM from their own perspective. So both sides win!

Cloud computing can really help you to grow your business: help SLA-Ready help you.