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Sage and Salesforce team up to reach SME market in UK & US

In between the speculation about a possible takeover Salesforce has been carrying on with enhancing its position and has formed a partnership with Sage to get to a larger number of SMEs.

The cloud-based CRM software has been seen as being ubiquitous in large enterprises but not always associated as strongly with smaller customers.

Sage brings to the table millions of SME customers in both the UK and the US and has teamed up to provide some of its accounting and payroll functions on the Salesforce platform.

The Sage Life tool is aimed squarely at SMEs and would be able to provide a real time view of a wider amount of data through a single platform.

The heads of Salesforce and Sage got together yesterday for a 'fireside chat' to reveal to partnership and talk up the potential impact it could make in the SME space.

“Small business software no longer has to represent different systems or layers of complexity – it’ll be simple, collaborative, and real time. With Sage Life, we are delivering social, mobile, cloud-based innovation, powered by real-time accounting. Now running a small business can be as easy as updating your Facebook status,” said Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage.

Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, also had good things to say about the tie-up, describing it as an opportunity for for smaller firms to get onto its platform.

But he also used the opportunity to discuss the speculation around changes in its ownership, which has been gathering steam over the past few weeks.

"I can't comment on the M&A rumors, of course," he added "That's the nature of M&A rumors, and this is the first time we've been in the M&A rumor cycle...we've been swept up into that. That's the reality of where we are right now."

"I'm just focused on what I've always been focused on since Day One. We were the fastest software company to reach $5 billion in revenue, and, if I have anything to say about it, and this is my dream, we'll be the fastest software company to $10 billion, and with a new model," he added.