Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Have your say on Cloud and SLAs contracts - SLALOM questionnaire

SLALOM is a CSA building on the existing standardization work in the area of cloud contracts and SLAs (The ECP, C-SIGs, ISO, etc.).

The goal is to produce a model contract for both the contract and the SLA, which through consensus with providers, adopters, policy makers and researchers, is accepted as a common, standard starting point for these documents. This will reduce uncertainty in the market, boosting uptake, and also allow adopters to better compare offerings, and providers to better compete.

One of the aims of the support action is to involve the cloud research community. Firstly SLALOM aims to ensure that the future scenarios and new paradigms of cloud are taken into account. Having the legal framework in place will aid their adoption. Secondly SLALOM wants to ensure that the results of the SLA research are directly incorporated into the reference model and SLA technical specifications. Thirdly SLALOM aims ar bringing this body of work to the attention of industry.

SLALOM is currently defining the content of its legal and technical models. The draft models will be published in August and a 6-month consensus phase will be launched. SLAOM is looking for individuals and organisations to contribute now in the initial specification and later in this consensus phase: SLALOM established an online questionnaire for the content specification.