Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Data: the left luggage of Cloud computing

Luggage contains many parallels with your data. It's enormously more valuable to you than to anyone else, particularly the provider. It can be bulky, expensive even for the provider to store waiting should you turn up asking to reclaim it. It’s unknown even if you will ever reclaim it. Should you be charged to retrieve it? 
An EC-backed initiative called SLALOM has examined this issue, among others, in the quest for a model cloud computing contract that is fair and balanced between the parties. Many of the contracts examined protected the provider adequately, ensuring that the user was obliged to delete any provider content in their possession, and explicitly stating parts of the contract, such as indemnification and confidentiality that survived termination. The majority also established a period, commonly 30 to 90 days in which the user could retrieve data, though often at the user’s expense.
Read more about how SLALOM's work in this area and recommendations such as the establishment of a grace period whereby a user can retrieve data, the inclusion of clauses covering the format of the data returned to ensure portability