Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Are organisations maximizing cloud adoption value?

Cisco has just released the results of a survey on over 6,100 organizations that are successfully implementing private, public and hybrid clouds in their IT departments. The study, conducted with IT executives, indicates that cloud adoption is still growing but few organizations are fully exploiting major cloud opportunities.

68% of organisations are using cloud as a tool that drive business outcomes. This number also includes innovation such as IoT cloud-based solutions.

On the other hand, the study reveals that 69% of the organizations don’t approach cloud solutions in an optimized, repeatable and well managed way.

Yet the organisations that have a most advanced approach to the cloud see an annual benefit per cloud-based application of $3 million in additional revenues and $1 million in cost savings.

SLA-Ready lowers the entry barrier to cloud adoption by providing guidance services for the private sector based on a Common Reference Model for SLAs.

SLA-Ready encourages greater transparency so cloud service customers know what to do, what to expect and what to trust when finding the right cloud computing Service Level Agreement. This means organisations can not only better define their cloud strategy, but also better define their SLAs and manage the services across the entire life cycle.


SLA-Ready Business Hub guides SMEs on a clear path to cloud uptake


Source: Cisco-Sponsored study finds cloud adoption is going mainstream, yet only few organizations are maximizing value,