Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

ISO/IEC 19086 Part 2 – Metrics

In July 2016 this draft standard went into its CD version. It proposes a technical model for specifying cloud SLA metrics, which can be then used for automation, CSP comparison, service monitoring, and so forth.

SLA-Ready Input

The major contribution of SLA-Ready to ISO/IEC WD 19086-2 referred to the inclusion of Service Quantitative Objectives (SQOs) into the conceptual model, in order to keep alignment with ISO/IEC 19086-1. Furthermore, SLA-Ready also provided a major contribution related to validating the proposed model with respect to the security and privacy metrics being documented in ISO/IEC 19086-4.

The validation took place by specifying one privacy and one security metric with the proposed model, along with the respective machine-readable versions. The documented contribution can be seen in Annex 2 of this deliverable. All submitted comments were accepted and published as part of ISO/IEC CD 19086-2.