Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Cloud Computing SLAs: moving to practical and innovative solutions

Mon, 11/05/2015
What use is an SLA? How can you make them work for you?
Silvana Muscella, Trust-IT and SLA-Ready coordinator, and Arthur van der Wees, Arthur's Legal will be presenting an overview of the SLA-Ready project focussing on how we are working towards more trusted and transparent SLAs as part of the larger cloud ecosystem.
This Workshop is organised within the framework of the European Commission – DG CONNECT’s ‘Study on Standards terms and performance criteria in service level agreements for cloud computing services’, which is currently being undertaken by time.lex and Spark Legal Network & Consultancy.
However, other EU projects will be presenting their groundbreaking SLA work as well.
The angle
Within the context of this Study, a model SLA for cloud services has been drafted, which will be made available to all workshop participants. This model SLA was based on several inputs including a stocktaking exercise in all Member States as to their current contracting rules and practices, and an earlier workshop in which cloud users were asked to present their concerns and challenges.
We believe that stakeholder views and support are indispensable for a successful uptake of our model SLA. Therefore, this workshop seeks to assess whether the model SLA sufficiently covers the interests of all cloud stakeholders – including both users and providers – and what can be done to develop it further. Did you know that various European projects are working on automated comparison and negotiation of SLAs? In this workshop, you can learn all about it, and present your own ideas, concerns and priorities for the future!
The participants
The workshop aims to bring together around 40 stakeholders from the cloud industry, including users and providers, researchers, DPAs and privacy experts, consumers, SMEs and large organisations. 


DG CONNECT offices, Avenue du Beaulieu 33 (BU33), 1160 Auderghem - Brussels

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