Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Standardisation Reports

One of the three major objectives of the European Cloud Strategy regards standards and certification, with the aim of building trust and confidence in Cloud services by helping: 


“Users evaluate and compare services, and know which ones to trust. For example, we will put Cloud users more in control of their data, with standards based on the principles of interoperability, portability and reversibility” . 


A core activity within SLA-Ready is international co-operation and standardisation of cloud service providers with the aim of building consensus on best/good practices through an-depth analysis of the current standards landscape and industry-led initiatives. Our goal is to empower Cloud service customers through the use of standardised Cloud SLAs as a critical step towards better understanding the level of security and data protection offered by the CSP, and for monitoring the provider’s performance and security levels.

SLA-Ready therefore takes a pro-active approach to standardisation efforts by engaging with relevant standards groups and actively influencing their Cloud SLA initiatives. The most relevant standards groups are:


In addition, SLA-Ready also acknowledges the importance of best-practices and other industrial initiatives in this area, for example, the work of the Cloud Security Alliance, the EC’s Cloud Select Industry Group on SLAs (C-SIG), the European Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) and the Cloud Standards Consumer Council (CSCC)


SLA-Ready standardisation reports

Engagement plan for standardisation and international cooperation

In SLA-Ready, standardisation is a core activity that aims to increase the impact of the common reference model that will be developed within the SLA-Ready project, through alignment with relevant standards and best-practices, and to efficiently orchestrate contributions to a well-defined set of Cloud SLA-related standardisation initiatives (including ISO/IEC 19086). In order to achieve this vision, it is necessary to have clearly defined approach and strategy that allow partners to methodologically focus on selected standardisation activities related to our core Cloud SLA topic. This report provides this vision and also a landscape of SLA standards.

Standardisation and International Cooperation - Initial Report

This document reports on the first year activities by SLA-Ready, targeting both standards groups and industrial/best-practices groups. The report focuses on SLA-Ready’s contributions to standardisation efforts and best-practices, with particular attention to aligning standards/best practices with the definition of the Common Reference Model (WP2). The overriding objective is to maximise the impact of SLA-Ready and its future sustainability. The report also covers the main outcomes to date of international co-operation activities, in particular our liaison with related initiatives taking place within NIST and Brazil and the continuous interaction with the project’s Advisory Board. Liaison to date includes face-to-face and virtual meetings, integrating feedback into our activities, especially the Common Reference Model.