Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SLA-Ready & C-SIG

On October 29th, 2015 the EC organized a meeting  to discuss follow-up actions associated to the Cloud Selected Industry Groups (C-SIGs) including C-SIG SLA. One of the main topics discussed during this meeting was the synergy generated between the C-SIGs and the Digital Single Market communication (DSM). This section focuses on C-SIG SLA.

SLA-Ready Input

Starting from the CRM requirements, SLA-Ready has adopted the vocabulary proposed by the C-SIG SLA guidelines. Also, in support to C-SIG SLA the security and privacy SLOs have been part of the project’s contribution to 19086-Part 4.

SLA-Ready will further analyse the relationships between its main outcomes and the future C-SIG SLA objectives. An early collection of potential Year 2 activities where synergies between SLA-Ready and C-SIG SLA can be developed is mentioned next:

  • End-user/SME engagement in order to further refine and validate the produced SLA Guidelines;
  • Lowering the barriers for SMEs to understand and make informed decisions involving Cloud SLAs;