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Verizon Customers given Two Months To Evacuate Public Cloud

The U.S. cloud provider Verizon Communications has announced that it is shutting down its public cloud service on 12 April 2016 due to tough competition from big vendors. Two services will be axed: Public Cloud and Reserved Performance Cloud services. For now, Verizon is keeping its Verizon Private Cloud (VPC) service and Verizon Cloud Storage. 
The company's notification to its customers was sent on 11 February, informing them that they have just two months to vacate their data from Verizon's own cloud or face terminal deletion. The customer notification reads as follows:
Please take steps now to plan for migration to VPC or another alternative before the discontinuation date. Verizon will retain no content or data on these Cloud Spaces after that date and any content that you do not transfer prior to discontinuation will be irrecoverably deleted".