Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Surveys for Cloud Service Providers & Customers

The SLA-Ready Common Reference Model serves to guide Cloud Service Providers on best practices for Cloud SLAs based on standardisation recommendations and a set of requirements on coming from the customer side and spanning general and economic aspects, technical SLOs requirements and overall responsibility.

Core elements of the Common Reference Model are four use cases related to SME and government organisations, where small IT teams are the norm. An in-depth analysis shows that these use cases are representative of common requirements and therefore relevant to other use cases reflecting the specific needs of the all-important SME demand side.

The analysis also involved a comparison between current practices in the cloud computing industry, which revealed major discrepancies with what customers actually need before making the move to the cloud, especially lack of transparency and standardisation based on best practices. 

In order to validate the Common Reference Model, we have launched two surveys: one for Cloud Service Providers and one for Cloud Service Customers, fostering changes in current practices.

The surveys are also key to the development of practical tools. SMEs and public administrations will benefit from tools helping them in the decision-making process and managing the cloud service lifecycle, while CSPs can showcase their SLA readiness and enable greater comparison across services. 


Customersstart the survey now to see if the use cases fit your business.

Providersstart the survey now to assess the extent to which you are meeting your customer needs.