Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

A Sports Shop in the cloud and open to the world

For sports clothing retailer Wetsuit Outlet, cloud technology is not about reduction in cost. It is to ensure we can connect and deliver a first-class service to customers globally every step of the way, from sourcing products to advising customers through to dispatching goods to them.

One advantage of using an outsourced cloud infrastructure is ensuring customers using websites in French, German or Spanish can read the same product descriptions. It does this in real time and appears sub-seconds later on the retailer’s international websites, making it much quicker than doing it manually.

The cloud has enabled Wetsuit Outlet to become a serious global retailer. Storing data in the cloud means staff can have access to the same up-to-date information wherever they are in the world. Wetsuit Outlet is not the only company benefitting. Accessories brand Skinnydip London built a customised online system enabling management to track sales and stock levels across its two stores, concessions and website.

Stored in the cloud, it meant that the company co-founder could check in and review the company performance while on holidaying.

He was able to access sales figures and check stock levels in a few relatively simple steps rather than having to make multiple phone calls and send lots of emails.