Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SLALOM delivers final set of standardised SLAs and contract terms

SLALOM’s Cloud contract initiative ends with the delivery of the final version of its model contract terms. The initiative, established to develop standardised Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and contract terms for Cloud services, was launched in January 2015 with support from the European Commission.

A number of key stakeholders at a European and international level organizations, have been involved in the initiative, and after much discussion and a public consultation, SLALOM has published its recommendations and models.


















SLALOM shares its three final products that together provide ready to use insights on Cloud Contracts and SLA:

  • the SLAlom SLA Legal Contract Model refers to the legal reference model, which acts as a baseline with SLAlom's template documents considering ISO standards that address legal aspects;
  • a number of guidance materials which are intended to help taking a more practical approach by offering insights on how to adopt SLALOM outcomes.


SLALOM and SLA-Ready are part of the The Data Protection, Security and Privacy in cloud (DPSP) cluster.


Find more about SLALOM project | Dowload SLALOM Final Products

SLA-Ready has worked closely with SLAlom from the very outset given the common focus on Cloud SLAs. This co-operation includes joint insights into SLA metrics and standardisation, where SLA-Ready partner, Cloud Security Alliance, has a liaison with ISO and actively contributes to standardisation.