Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SLA-Ready Website Brand New Sections

SLA-Ready project's website has three brand new sections covering several aspects of Service Level Agreements and Cloud Computing.

The new STANDARDS section focuses on SLA-Ready contribution to Service Level Agreements standards. A core activity within SLA-Ready is international co-operation and standardisation with the aim of building consensus on best/good practices through an-depth analysis of the current standards landscape and industry-led initiatives.

The section on SLA RESEARCH gives a thorough overview of research in the field of SLAs and provides a summary of the state of the art about aspects related to the management of SLAs. We have included here new approaches to define agreements, with special attention to security, and its evolution from policies to SLAs and machine readable specifications. The state of the art also includes an overview of monitoring, providers’ assessment, and negotiation of SLAs.

Last but not least, the BUSINESS HUB section. This area of the SLA-Ready website contains guides and insights that make Cloud Service Level Agreements understandable & readily usable in the EU private sector in order to create a clear path towards Cloud Uptake. Specifically, the BUSINESS HUB contains:

  • a GUIDE TO SLAs sub-sections: What is an SLA? How to find it? What does the SLA look like?
  • a CLOUD SLA LIFECYCLE: this sub-section will guide you through each of the Service Level Agreements phases.

  • an SLA GLOSSARY OF TERMS, in order to better understand the terminology used by Cloud Service Provider.


Visit these new sections: gain the knowledge you need on Cloud Service Level Agreements to make the best use of cloud services.