Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SLA-Ready SMEs dedicated Press Release

SLA-Ready: putting small firms in the cloud comfort zone with practical guides on cloud service life cycle

SLA-Ready is helping cloud service customers to become Service Level Agreement (SLA) savvy with a suite of practical and user-friendly tools and guides so they know what to do, what to expect and what to trust in every phase of the service lifecycle.

As the lifeblood of the European economy, small firms are pulling their weight as IT-savvy innovators or digital businesses open to the world. But lack of expert knowledge and lack of transparency in aspects like provider’s security and privacy are widely recognised barriers to wider uptake of cloud services by start-ups and SMEs.

With the needs of small firms in mind, SLA-Ready has elicited a set of SLA requirements covering technical, legal, economic and sociological aspects with the aim of fostering greater transparency and standardisation in cloud service level agreements as a critical step towards better understanding. This independent analysis on the state of practice is the basis for a Common Reference Model providing common vocabularies, best practices, recommendations based on relevant SLA standards.


“IN2 is a micro company that is both a cloud customer of hosting services and small cloud provider for our social media platform, putting us in a unique position to assess the benefits of SLA-Ready. The Common Reference Model has helped us understand the crucial elements of a cloud SLA, including minimum compliance levels and how to manage the complete service lifecycle. I would highly recommend SLA-Ready to small firms moving to the cloud”, George Ioannidis, Director of IN2.


Crucially, SLA-Ready goes beyond the contract signing to assist cloud customers in every phase of the service lifecycle, from assessment to operation and termination. Special attention is paid to guiding customers on security and data protection levels and monitoring as a critical step towards better understanding.

Small firms can also benefit from our representative use cases and recommendations covering different stages of the cloud service management life cycle. Small firms should also stay tuned for our webcasts and business hub informing SMEs on all major aspects of cloud services, including legal terminology and compliance.