Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SLA-Ready Common Reference Model coming soon

SLA-Ready is putting the final touches to its Common Reference Model ready for publication in early June 2016. The Reference Model serves to guide Cloud Service Providers on best practices for service level agreements based on standardisation recommendations and a set of general, economic and responsibility requirements on the customer side. The ultimate goal is to encourage greater transparency and lower barriers to adoption especially SMEs, who have much to gain from the cloud.

This initial reference model looks at current practices in the international standardisation community, to which SLA-Ready contributes. It also looks at current practices in the cloud industry, analysing use cases in specific sectors such as FinTech and government, as well as SME usage of SaaS, including switching providers.

The Reference Model provides a common understanding of SLAs for cloud services, integrating SLA components like terminology, SLA attributes, and Service Level Objectives (SLOs), guidelines and best practices.

SLA-Ready will be inviting cloud service providers, current and prospective customers to validate the set of requirements.

Stay tuned!