Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SLA-Ready @ CLIPS Final Conference

Silvana Muscella, CEO of Trust-IT, is opening the CLIPS Final Conference with the keynote "Making a European SMEs life easier with accessible, free online Cloud Tools", showing a set of tools developed by Horizon 2020 projects SLA-Ready and CloudWATCH2.

The CLIPS Final Conference takes place today, 1 June 2016, in Florence. It is part of the the Major Cities of Europe Group (MCEG) conference and have also a dedicated exhibition to share with about this flagship European initiative that would like to radically change the delivery of public services.


CLIPS - a new approach to delivering public services through the use of cloud

Funded through the European Commission’s CIP Programme is aimed at developing a flexible framework for cloud-based public services to help overcome barriers to uptake in the public sector with innovations in architecture, design and security.

Key topics of the conference are:

  • Pilots and main outputs of CLIPS
  • Data Protection, Security and Privacy
  • Commercialisation (Business Models and Sustainability)
  • Lessons learned and recommendations.


The conference takes place at the Convitto della Calza in Florence.