Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

European Commision Catalogue of Services

On 19th of July, SLA-Ready participated to European Commission Catalogue of Services meeting held in Brussels.

The objective of the EC catalogue is to provide support and guide for public procurers when referring to ICT standards and profiles of standards in their call for tenders.

The catalogue will help drive the adoption of European standards, while ensuring convergence on the use of ICT standards by public procurers, increasing interoperability and reducing market fragmentation.


Preparatory Steps & Selected Domains

  • analyse existing national catalogues of standards for ICT procurement;
  • develop and propose governance and maintenance processes for a future EU Catalogue of Standards;
  • develop and propose an adoption process to publish the recommended standards and specifications in the EU catalogue.

These activities aim at find existing methodologies at EU level, through the identification of use cases. Using this information, a prototype for an EU Catalogue of standards will be developed.

For the initial version of the prototype catalogue, the selected domains are:

  1. eGovernment/eBusiness
  2. Intelligent Transport Systems
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Energy Saving Smart Appliances for Buildings

Cloud Computing & SLA-Ready role

The catalogue will consist of a series of introductory texts: users will select the use cases which best reflect their situation and, consequently, know which standards are relevant to them.

Cloud Computing entry point is through a series of use cases through which the procurer can identify what standards are relevant to them for 3 sub-domains:

Interoperability & portability | Security & privacy | Service Level Agreements


SLA-Ready will take part to the preparatory phase of the EC Catalogue of Service, in particular on the section on SLAs. SME and government use cases are core element of SLA-Ready Common Reference Model, in which they are analysed and compared with the current state of practice in cloud computing industry.


The EC is seeking to form a community gathering together: those involved in public procurement, those involved in the selection and assessment of ICT standards for national catalogues, policy makers, academics, and industry representatives.