Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Cloud & eHealth: a survey by ENISA

The European Union for Network and Information Security (ENISA) published a survey on cloud security to study how cloud it’s applied to eHealth sector. The study aims to analyse the state of the art, opportunities and difficulties in the cloud adoption within the eHealth and associated services.

The study will focus on:

  • defining the current level of cloud adoption in the industry;
  • identify best practices in eHealthcare and healthcare services.


ENISA has been dealing with Critical Information Infrastructures Protection since 2009 and introduced eHealth as a topic in 2015. Identify challenges and requirements, measure the cloud implementations and study the system in general are the objectives of the survey.

Together with Internet of Things, eHealth is one of the cloud tecnologies application fields where Service Level Agreements are pivotal for the user privacy and the cloud adoption itself.

To understand the challenges and opportunities involved, ENISA has launched an online survey which is targeted mainly at CIOs, CISOs, doctors, patients, healthcare providers, cloud providers, and public authorities involved in the healthcare sector.