Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Baacco: a cloud-first small company

Baacco, a cloud-first company, sells and delivers bottles of wine to a growing international market.

It uses 25 cloud-based services and platforms to help with everything from processing payments to sharing documents between the team. The cloud-first approach has played a central role in gaining customers outside the UK, and in ensuring users of the London-based marketplace have the same experience as customers at home.

Analytical tools allow the company to build, measure and learn about their customers far quicker than any other method. For example, when the company realised they had higher-than-usual drop-offs at the checkout from its French and Spanish consumers, they analysed the data learnt that they were put off by unfamiliar payment logos.

Cloud services as part of the business process

Buying services from cloud has been central to the company’s success to date, and are integral to its future, rather than installing and maintaining software on computers kept on their own premises.

However, cloud service customers need to be aware of the risks, not just the benefits, including responsibilities and security measures they should be taking.