Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Are you SLA-Ready? - Workshop, 15 December, Brussels

Tomorrow, 15 December 2016, the workshop "Are you SLA-Ready? How to understand your cloud Service Level Agreement" takes place at DIGITALEUROPE Head Office in Brussels.

The workshop showcases the impact of the SLA-Ready project on three key stakeholder groups:

  • Cloud Service Customers, from both the private sector and public sector.

  • Cloud Service Providers, including SME providers.

  • Cloud Service Procurers and policy makers.

Cloud contracts that include reliable, repeatable and measurable metrics are vital for buying cloud computing services in a confident and trustworthy manner.

By establishing a Common Reference Model for cloud SLAs, the SLA-Ready project has been able to deliver online tools and services to both cloud service providers and customers.

The workshop showcases all SLA-Ready outputs and services along with testimonials and panellists, concretely showing how SLA-Ready can support the private sector (cloud customers and SMEs), service providers and standards bodies, as well as researchers and academics in the public sector.

Check out the agenda, discover speaker profiles and participant list.