Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Net Futures, 20-21 April 2016, Brussels

Wed, 20/04/2016 to Thu, 21/04/2016
Net Futures 2016: Driving Growth in the #DigitalSingleMarket, 20-21 April 2016, Brussels
The focus of Net Futures is on maximising competitiveness of the European technology industry. The conference will gather over 1.000 attendees, to form an interconnected community involving companies, organizations and people in research & innovation, market validation & living lab research, business development, entrepreneurship & enterprise strategy and policy making. 
By bridging the gaps between these communities, innovations will more easily and effectively find their way to the market.
Cloud computing features prominantly in the conference and exhibition. The conference zooms in on the free flow of data with a panel of experts looking at the #DSMeu commitment to an initiative to tackle restrictions on the free movement of data within the EU and unjustified restrictions on the location of data for storage or processing purposes.
SLA-Ready partner, Arthur van der Wees from Arthur's Legal, is among the experts discussing SMART 2013/0063 Data Market Study especially in relation to the general development of the European Data Market as well as specific findings in relation to data “ownership”, data access. 
Another key topic at Net Futures is Software as a Driver to Maximise Growth Potential. In recent years, the economy and industry have been experiencing a radical transformation where many product and service functions are defined by software (software-defined everything). The session provides a thoughtful perspective of key issues facing this vital sector for our economy.
Exhibition - DPSP Cluster Stand: Security and Privacy in Cloud DO MATTER!!
SLA-Ready contributes to the EC cluster on Data Protection Security and Privacy (DPSP) with peer projects funded under DG CONNECT Unit E2 - Software, Services, Cloud:
The stand at Net Futures - Security and Privacy in Cloud Matter! - showcases the collective results so far with presentations and videos, offering visitors also the chance to see how they can benefit from work towards trusted and secure cloud services. There will also be hands-on demos of SPECS, CLIPS, PRISMACloud and CloudWATCH2.
Key take-aways include understanding security mechanisms that protect your data in the cloud; how to gain control of sensitive data outsourced to the cloud; the legal implications of not designing your cloud service where security is in mind. 
Net Futures offers fantastic networking opportunities - a chance to learn about new technologies to make your organisation more competitive, a chance to find new partners for future funding opportunities.