Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

Cloudscape 2016

Tue, 08/03/2016 to Wed, 09/03/2016

Cloudscape 2016 is all about key insights into the smart technologies digital disruptions that will shape 2016 and beyond. It will provide practical tips on trust and security, compliance and certification. Participants will leave the event with innovative ideas and best practice solutions that they can implement straight away.

Cloudscape 2016 is for IT professionals and CEOs that are bringing new products and services to market or simply rethinking their digital strategies to stay ahead of their game.  The event brings together experts with a clear understanding of best practices in Europe, for example, on security and data protection to help build trust and confidence in new technologies. Furthermore, Cloudscape is the one conference where IT leaders can have a two-way conversation with policy leaders from the European Commission, not just in the stimulating sessions but also ‘corridor conversations’ that really inform people about what's going on.

During the event SLA-Ready submitted the position paper "SLA-Ready: getting the European private sector into the cloud comfort zone", showcasing Tools and services to help European companies manage the cloud service lifecycle.