Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

2nd Global Cyber Security for Financial Sector 2016

Wed, 01/06/2016 to Fri, 03/06/2016

2nd Global Cyber Security for Financial Sector will gather selected senior decision-makers from leading Key Players in Financial Industry. The event serves as an excellent platform for direct networking between industry experts of Financial Sectors.

The event will focus on qualitative knowledge-sharing, practical sessions and brainstorming of main crucial issues in Financial Cyber Security area, and it will also offer a workshop focused on current cyber counter-measures and cost-saving strategies. Main topics will cover:

  • cyber threats
  • cyber risk management case-studies
  • data privacy & protection policies
  • cyber defence challenges
  • up-to-date strategies and solutions
  • IT innovations


The event will take place on 1-3 June in Frankfurt, Gerrmany.

Dr. Jesus Luna, Cloud Security Alliance, will represent SLA-Ready with a talk on "Towards a financial service stakeholders platform for Cloud Security" (slide deck).