Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector


SLA-Ready contributes to the Data Protection, Security and Privacy in cloud (DPSP) Cluster which was set up with the aim to seek synergies between H2020 LEIT WP2014-2015 first call projects in the areas of data protection, security and privacy in the cloud. The Cluster aims to serve as instrument to ease the achievement of market impact of the participating projects.



  • maximize the impact of EU-funded research and innovation project results in the areas of Data Protection, Security and Privacy in the Cloud by seeking synergies and joint efforts to encourage standardisation whenever possible;
  • ensure the market orientation and adoption of EU-funded research and innovation project results in the aforementioned areas by working in the deep analysis of market trends and looking for alignment of project's exploitation strategies;
  • help define the research and innovation needs in H2020 by contributing to the definition of strategic research areas and topics and providing feedback on the drawbacks and problems faced during the execution of the projects in order to look for solutions in future projects.


The topics addressed in the Cluster give continuity to research and innovation in the context of other EU-funded projects of the FP7 and CIP Programmes, and therefore these were invited to join the Cluster too.


Map of synergies (January 2016)

Whitepaper on Challenges for trustworthy (multi-)Cloud-based services in the Digital Single Market (v3.1) (January 2016)

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